Our Strategy

Setting your digital marketing strategy is one of the most important, but one ofthe most complicated, phases of a marketing manager’s calendar. From agreeingactions to securing budgets, setting your strategy can be a tough process.

We work with marketers and business directors to help shape a strategy which isfocused on getting you the results you need. Let us provide a fresh look at thedigital channels that will help you grow your business online.

Our strategic service typically comprises:
Digital marketing audit
With you permission, we'll access your analytics data (Google Analytics or whichever analytics platform you use) and analyse it to identify how your business, and where there's room to build on success or improve on areas which haven't worked so well.
Strategic recommendations
We'll combine all of this with our combined experience of over 40 years to recommend a digital marketing strategy for you. This will be in line with your budget and resourcing requirements and lay out a monthly or phased approach, with clear KPIs and analysis methods to help you monitor the results.
Competitor analysis
It's important to know what your marketplace looks like in order to ascertain where the opportunities lie. This means reviewing your competitors, both those you identify and those we find through online research. and your wider marketplace, giving you a real insight into what other around you are doing.
Audience development
If your business is already performing well in terms of core keyword targeting and gaining good traction amongst the existing audience, our specialists can help you identify audience development opportunities to broaden your reach.
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